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How to Choose Everyday Jewelry: 4 Stylish Tips!

How do you choose and style jewelry to compliment yourself and your wardrobe? And how do you make the best use of your jewelry collection without...

How do you choose and style jewelry to compliment yourself and your wardrobe? And how do you make the best use of your jewelry collection without being boring? 

Choosing your daytime jewelry can be demanding - sometimes we end up waiting for a friend to help us choose and style our jewelry for us. It’s not that it’s difficult but simply because we can’t decide. There are so many options out there with trends frequently changing so it can be a difficult decision, we get lost in bundles of designs and styles. 

You probably have got an overflowing jewelry collection filled with pieces you love (or have forgotten you love), but you’re really not making the most of it and you're not sure where to start. Or maybe you’re just not confident about which pieces to shop for to work with each other and for you. We've all been there!

Do not worry though. We’ve come up with some tips and tricks on how to choose your everyday jewelry.

  • Create your own layering styles

Be it for your necklace, bracelet and bangles, or earrings, playing with different layering techniques can be fun and innovative.

If you're layering necklaces, then go for different lengths. Different shapes, colors, and textures will often work a treat. In layering, there’s no right or wrong combination. Wear them as it feels comfortable to who you are and what your style represents!

If you’re stacking earrings, take into consideration the number of your piercings and just how much you want to decorate your ears at the time.

  • Experiment with mixing elements

Gone are the days that you need to stick with one color or one element when wearing your jewelry. It’s almost 2022 and there are a lot of trends that go against what we have known and practiced in the past. 

So think about necklaces with pendants which contrast with the color of chain they are attached to, rings that combine different metal colors or layered necklaces or bangles in different metals to add vibrant interest and color to your outfit.

You'll find several pieces in our online jewelry shop which have mixed metal colors, including silver pendants with gold settings, for example.

  • Accessorize to Compliment your Clothing

Before you start choosing what to wear, think about what item you most want to wear wherever you're going.

You might decide you really want to wear a specific piece of jewelry to an outing, in which case you should choose your clothing and other accessories to work with it. Otherwise, you might pick the outfit first and then match the jewelry and accessories to it.

  • Decide the Focus of your Overall Outfit

A simple outfit will almost always look transformed into something special with the right jewelry. You can choose jewelry that really makes a statement to bring a simple outfit to life or do some mixing and matching of jewelry for a more layered look. 

But if you’re wearing bold clothing, then often it’s a good idea to go with smaller, more subtle jewelry pieces as highlights.

The best advice is to decide as to what will work for you and run with it. Your aim should always be to dress like yourself.

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