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3 Ways to Create the Perfect Earring Stack

June 24, 2022

3 Ways to Create the Perfect Earring Stack

While we all love to display our statement earrings for special events, one new accessory trend is pulling away from that traditional perspective in lieu of a more personalized touch: ear stacking.

Nowadays, asymmetry scores highly when it comes to jewelry styling, and when it comes to your ears, you’ve got plenty of freedom to design and style. After all, it’s the tiniest touches that make the biggest statement.

Break away from matching earrings instead of stacking your lobes with a choose-and-mix mantra. Opt for single styles – like huggies, studs, hoops, drops, or pins in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes..

Here’s how you mix and match your style to achieve that perfect earring stack.

  • The Simple Hoops

  • This type of earring stack will bring minimalism at its best. 

    This look will highlight simple hoop earrings that will give variations on the earring sizes. You could opt for a bigger hoop earring as your main statement earring and add smaller hoops to accentuate your look.

    You can go with these pieces paired together:


  • The Beautiful Climbers

  • Your beautiful climbers show a multiple earring effect.

    This look is perfect for those with only one ear piercing, the earring crawlers or popularly known as climbers, effortlessly portray the multiple piercing effects. You can choose designs like these:Capri Climbers,Fiji Turquoise Ear Climbers orVenice Ear Climbers to achieve the stylish stacked look. 


  • The Ultimate Look

  • Why do we call this ‘The Ultimate Look’? Just because. This look will take your love for earrings to the next level. Check out some popular sets like thisMorocco Climbers and Hoop Set or thisJane Climbers Ear Cuff Set for your ultimate look!


    Do you have a process with your clients on how to build the perfect look?

    We take into consideration the number of your piercings and just how much you want to decorate your ears at the time. We suggest you gradually build up from the look that you are most comfortable with. You can start with one or two styles and then add more when you have thought about what to add and the style you want to play with next.

    Shop for moreearring stack styles here atBonito Jewelry and look good while doing good! Your purchase helps support local artisans in Jaipur, India, and Bali, Indonesia, who crafted your Bonito Jewelry. Happy shopping!

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