Jewelry is a great investment and understanding how to care for and protect your treasured jewelry can make a world of a difference in maintaining its beauty and keeping it sparkling for generations to come.

To decrease the chances of wearing out your jewelry, here are 5 easy actions you can take at home to keep the shine of both your silver and gold plated favourites.


 1. Put it on last – take it off first

Take off your jewelry before performing any sports or doing anything that would require heavy physical work, and also when swimming and showering.

Try not to expose your jewelry to everyday chemicals like hair products, cosmetics, perfumes, oil, nail polish remover, unabsorbed cream, etc. as they are likely to damage your favorite items. We recommend to apply all lotions and cosmetics before dressing in jewelry.  On the opposite, when undressing, wipe each item with a soft cloth to remove oils or sweat.


2. Clean your jewelry at home

After every use, we recommend you to clean your jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and oil that may have landed on the item. Also, gently rubbing the surface of your jewelry with a soft cloth helps restore its shine. If your gold plated or silver jewelry needs more cleaning you may clean it with warm water and mild soap.

Important note: There is no need for chemical-based cleaning solutions to keep your items looking impeccable. Stay away from jewelry cleaners and antibacterial soaps which may have certain components that will just make your jewelry tarnish more quickly.


3. Keep it nicely organized 

Always store your jewelry in a jewelry case (or box) in which you separate gold from silver. Additionally, make sure each item is individually placed in its own Bonito pouch bag to prevent scratches and tangle. Particular care should be taken with gemstones to ensure that they do not knock against one another when stored.

Avoid storing your jewelry in particular in a humid place - especially the bathroom. Humidity will speed up tarnishing, so it's best to pick cool, dark and dry spot.


4. Keep gold vermeil jewelry out of daily water

Do not swim or shower while wearing gold-plated jewelry, and remove rings and jewelry with stones when washing your hands.


5. Give it some space at night 

Sleeping with your jewelry can damage the jewelry. Play it safe – give your jewelry some space when going to bed. 




Jewelry has been part of human history since the ancient world: transforming raw materials into wearable art. What you wear as jewelry is so personal and unique, defining your taste and preferences in colors and shapes. Just as clothing, jewelry tells a lot about who you are.

In Portuguese, the language of our founder and designer Julia Sousa, Bonito means beautiful. 

For us, beautiful is the art of designing and making jewelry. 

Bonito is wearable art.


We partner with jewellers from all over the world to provide us with the best that their skills can offer.

Bonito is designed in Sydney, Australia, and the majority of the pieces are hand-crafted in Bali and India.

Our sterling silver chains are made in Italy and our stainless steel pieces in Hong Kong and South Korea. Our gold-filled pieces are made in the United States.

We can only evolve if we maintain a continuous effort to only use the highest quality materials available to us. Most of the materials we use are:

- 925 sterling silver ; Brass ; Recycled 18 carat gold for plating; Stainless steel; Natural gemstones such as labradorite, amazonite, pearls, onyx, emerald, agate and more.

All of Bonito pieces are nickel-free.


Our mission is to help you look good while doing good. For every purchase you make we give 2% of profits back to a project around the world.

If you have any suggestions/feedback please contact us at