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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Her

And just like that, we have reached this year’s holiday season! This means we’ve officially entered the season of giving! Whether it’s your wife, mum, best...

And just like that, we have reached this year’s holiday season! This means we’ve officially entered the season of giving! Whether it’s your wife, mum, best friend, or sister, we are sure there’s someone in your life you  instantly think of when you read “gifts for her.” 

More than that, it’s also probably someone so dear that you want to impress. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled unique jewelry gift ideas for the special women in your life—because what else is more impressive than making that someone shine?

Gifts for Your Significant Other

If there’s one person you should be sweeping off their feet this season, it should be your wife, fiancée, or girlfriend. No matter what stage you are in your relationship, a lovely piece of jewelry is always a great way to impress and surprise her! 

  • Double Stockholm Chains (under $200.00)

For the woman who loves giving you layers of attention, this chain set perfect for layering will be a hit. It’s simple yet sophisticated.


  • Jane Climbers Aqua Calci (under $100.00)

Bring a pop of color to that someone who brightens your day. The Jane Climbers Aqua Calci is fun, unique, and simply beautiful.

  • Franklin Necklace

It doesn’t get any more romantic than this! A tribute to one of the best singers in history, Aretha Franklin, the Franklin Necklace comes with a delicate matte heart pendant, perfect to be worn not just during the holidays but all year round.

Gift for Your Bestie

With your best friend being there for you through all of life’s ups and downs, you’d want to give her something that shows how much you appreciate her. We’ve narrowed down our top three recommended gifts for her:

  • Yoko Climbers Agate (under $100.00)

The Yoko Climbers Agate is one of our favorite ear climbers to date. These 18-carat gold plated, nickel-free ear climbers contain natural white agate stones that your bestie will surely love.

  • Apollo Earrings (under $200.00)

If your bestie loves wearing bold, striking pieces, the Apollo Earrings would be the perfect earrings for her. We love how this pair adds a touch of glamour to every outfit. Each piece has a combination of four discs that feature a unique pattern, handcrafted in Bali with hammering techniques. You can get this pair in 18 carat gold vermeil  as well.


  • ​​Budapest Star Necklace

You could also opt for something simple yet stylish for your bestie, like the Budapest Star Necklace. This charming minimalist piece goes well with almost any outfit—great for your simple yet trendy bestie!

Gifts for Your Mom 

There’s nothing like giving your beautiful mum a beautiful, timeless piece. Check out this selection for the first woman in your life.

  • Oprah Pearls Choker

You can never go wrong with a natural pearl necklace. A tribute to Oprah Winfrey, the Oprah Pearls Choker is best paired with a dress for your mum’s next evening celebration.

  • Amelia Ring 

This Amelia Earhart-inspired ring has three intersected layers of leaves, which are hand-carved for that glamorous depth and matte finish.

  • Frida Earrings (under $100.00)

These Frida Kahlo-inspired earrings might just be what your mom needs to complete her holiday look. The intricate details add a glamorous touch to her look, and the length and style of the earrings will make her feel elegant and classy.

Gifts for Your Sister

Whether you live under the same roof or you only see each other during special occasions, there’s no denying that a sister is one of our favorite people in the world. Check out these best-sellers we are confident she will love!

  • Sahara Moon Climbers (under $100.00)

Does your sister love the outdoors and is daydreaming about the moon and the wonders of the universe? Then we recommend the best-sellers Sahara Moon Climbers or the Namib Moon Phases Ear Climbers. 

  • Morocco Ear Climbers (under $100.00)

One thing we love about the Morocco Ear Climbers is that they radiate glam and elegance even with their simpler design. If you’re feeling a little generous, you can even get your sister the Morocco Climbers & Cuff Set.

  • Namib Moon Climbers (under $100.00)

If your sister is more on the minimalist side, we recommend the Namib Moon Climbers. These ear climbers remind us of the gorgeous night sky without going over the top.

  • Snake Anklet (under $100.00)

Take her on your next adventure with the Snake Anklet. Layer on anklets to put a little extra spark in your step this weekend. A classic anklet is always a fantastic way to spice up a look!

Gifts For Your Daughter:

She’ll always be a little girl in your eyes but how about some pieces that would make your daughter feel like the adventurous, empowered young woman that she is now?

  • Initial Letter Hoop Earrings

If she has multiple ear piercings then she'll probably like the Initial Letter Hoop Earrings

  • Yin Yang Necklace

A symbol of harmony, the Yin Yang Necklace features one diamond stone and black onyx stone, something your daughter will surely love.

  • Feminine Trio Layering Set

For that ultimate feminine feel, get her the Feminine Trio Layering Set, which comes with minimalist chains and feminine pendants that can be worn together or separately, perfect for mixing and matching!

The season of giving is a great time to tell someone how much you love and care for them, but sometimes, choosing a specific design can still be a little risky. If you feel stuck or undecided, go for a gift card instead. That way, you give the recipient the power to choose while still letting them know you love them. 

Looking for something else? Check out Bonito jewelry’s collections here!

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