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The Most Popular Jewelry Trends of 2022

There’s a lot to love about 2022 trends. One of which is jewelry of course! Bits, bobbles, bracelets, and earrings—there's a lot to love about these swoon-worthy accessories....

There’s a lot to love about 2022 trends. One of which is jewelry of course! Bits, bobbles, bracelets, and earrings—there's a lot to love about these swoon-worthy accessories. We have checked out these stunning jewelry trends that are going to be taking over 2022. Safe to say, you're going to love what's coming!

From bright colors and bold statement earrings to cute and seriously fun charms, there's something for every jewel-lover out there. We've read all the jewelry articles on Vogue, Elle and other established fashion magazines, watched the most recent runway shows, and we've been following the coolest Instagram influencers: these are the main jewelry trends we are betting on for 2022!

Minimalist personalized jewelry

Since 2020, minimalist jewelry has been a trend and it has not gone out of style since. For minimalists, having little to none is always comfortable for them. Our new favorite birthstone necklace is brought to you from the natural elements of the earth and offers a simple yet eye-catching design. Featuring a delicate square pendant with your birthstone set inside a hand-carved star, embellishing your sign's star constellation and powerful meanings. 


Also, add a personalized touch to your ear stacking style with this playful duo: Initial Letter Hoops, our mini huggies paired with a feminine letter pendant filled with shiny cubic zirconia stones.

Colored Stones

Playful pops of color are trending this year, especially in the form of brilliantly colored gemstones. Try out this trend by wearing a single colored stone or lean in hard by mixing and matching multiple stones for a look that’s both elegant and dynamic.


This paradise has inspired the creation of the Tulum Necklace with a beautifully cut Emerald stone on our best selling 925 Sterling Silver Bubble Stockholm chain. This may be your new favorite necklace to wear every day and night, one of those that you'll never want to take off! 

We bring you Fiji Turquoise Moon Climbers - a new take on our bestselling moon phases ear climbers. Inspired by the beautiful colors of Fiji, these ear crawlers are handcrafted with each moon phase filled with tiny pieces of Turquoise stones.

Modern Links

From long gold chains to chunky silver chokers, chain link accessories will be the eye-catching one. The beauty of this on-trend accessory is its flexibility– it’s strong enough to be worn on its own but basic enough to be layered with other accessories. For a dramatic style, try layering a chunky chain link necklace or bracelet with a dainty set of pearls or a plain set of accessories to highlight the chain’s charm.

Who doesn't have a fun time in Berlin? A mix between old and new, the Berlin Chain Choker and Berlin Bracelet is the perfect balance of classic and modern to add to your look. 


Add a little 'pop' to your stacks with our unique Poppy Gold Chain Necklace and Poppy Chain Bracelet. Featuring a double-sided chain - one side with "poppy" metal and the other side a vintage watch band. This duo is a perfect party accessory. You can wear it on either side, you choose!

Layered Looks

Whether it’s using earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings, layering and stacking are as on-trend as ever this year. When layering necklaces, look for dainty pendants and statement chains in varying lengths. Stacking bracelets and rings is all about playing with materials, colors and textures. Remember, it’s the more, the merrier when it comes to layering and stacking jewelry!

This gorgeous combination will give you the perfect layering look: a minimalist touch with Tulum Necklace with Emerald Stone, and a statement addition with our best-seller Da Vinci Chain.

Cheerful Pearls

Pearls are considered a timeless gemstone that you’ll never tire of wearing. While classic pearls are always in style, unusual pearl jewelry that strays from the traditional pearl’s prim and proper appearance might be just what you want this year. Pearls in varying sizes, shapes and colors create an organic look that’s refreshingly unexpected and unique are surely a winner this 2022!

Coco Pearls Necklace - Here’s a timeless necklace combining 7 natural pearls. This is a great necklace to wear day and night as the centerpiece of your look.

Audrey Pearls Earrings - Suspended from a gold ball stud, these lightweight diamond-shaped pearls will stand out and complete any outfit. 


Magical Anklets

Both casual and more formal anklets became fashionable from the 1930s to the late–20th century. But it doesn’t have to stay in the past! Anklets will be a thing this 2022! Walk barefoot on the beach or flaunt your legs by showcasing these stunning anklets.

Among our collections are our Simone Anklet and Snake Chain Anklet


This feminine design features a combination of pearls and labradorite stones. Add this delicate and stylish touch to your ankle every day. 

A timeless snake chain anklet that looks good on anyone, anywhere, at any time. Crafted with a very thick layer of 18k Gold plated on Brass, these have a better water resistance, which means you can wear it day and night without worrying about it!

Aside from the list that we’ve come up, do you have other styles that you think can be popular this 2022? 

Bonito Jewelry is here to supply you with beautiful jewelry anytime! Check out Bonito jewelry’s collections  here!

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