October 17, 2019

Let’s chat mix and match, shall we? Mix and matching jewelry is a fun trend and a simple way to walk out the door looking stunning.

Here are 3 looks for you to get inspired from based on your mood:

Mix and Match: 3 Styling Ideas

You woke up today and simply can’t be bothered? This is for you. Insert the Thalia Hoopsas your main piece, and complement it with the Rainbow Moonstone Ear Cuff - Gold to complete your minimalist look.

Feeling like you need a crystal around you?

We love the meaning behind stones, telling stories about your identity, as well as the myth of them carrying magic powers. They become a part of you and your self-expression.

Amazonite: is known as a soothing stone - shop the ear cuff here

Fluorite: is known as a highly protective stone - shop the ear cuff here

Are you feeling enthusiastic, powerful, and ready to go all-in today? Enhance your confident look with lots of hoops and pendants like the Tiny Shell Pendantand the Artemis Goddess Pendant. Top it off with the Rainbow Moonstone or the Amazonite Ear Cuff for a pop of color.

BONUS: You can wear all these pendants on chains and necklaces: the options are endless! 

Tag us on social media using the handle @bonitojewelry! We love seeing how you style your favorite Bonito pieces!

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