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How to Wear Ear Climbers and How to Style Them

They are fun and edgy, yet they leave a touch of sophistication and never fail to add a pop of personality to your look: ear climbers,...

They are fun and edgy, yet they leave a touch of sophistication and never fail to add a pop of personality to your look: ear climbers, also known as ear crawlers. The term “ear climbers” may be familiar to some, but to others, it’s a whole new concept that needs a little briefing. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about these unique earrings that might just be your new favorite accessory.

What Are Ear Climbers Earrings?

Ear climbers, sometimes also called ear crawlers, are essentially earrings that look like they “climb" up the ear when worn, like a long stud earring, sometimes allowing you to seem to have multiple piercings. They’re called as such because these ear climbers look like long earrings that climb up your ear.

How Do I Wear Ear Climbers?

Despite them making you look like you have more than one piercing, ear climbers only need a single ear piercing on each ear. 

  1. Insert the back pin to your ear piercing.
  2. Adjust the earrings to sit along your ear lobe.

Give the earrings a gentle squeeze to keep them upright. They'll stay up all day! Be sure your earlobe is gently gripped between the hook at the back of your ear and the front part of your ear climber. 

How Do I Style My Ear Climbers?

As cliché as it may sound, styling your ear climbers is totally up to you. But we still made a little guide in case you need a quick nudge to go creative with your new ear climbers.

1 - Wear them on your first ear piercing. 

For your everyday wear, we recommend wearing your ear climbers on your first ear piercings. They will add personality to your basics and help make your outfits look cooler, while feeling comfortable all day!

We recommend the Morocco Climbers, the Dunes Climbers, or the Namib Moon Climbers for your daily wear. 

Morocco Climbers

 Dunes Climbers

Namib Moon Climbers

2 - Wear one ear climber in your second ear piercing.

Do you have one ear piercing on one ear and two ear piercings on another ear? Then opt for a smaller ear climber for your second ear piercing to create a unique ear stack! The Namib Moon Climbers and the Morocco Ear Climbers are our preferred pieces for your second ear piercing.  


  • Wear them with ear cuffs.

Speaking of mixing and matching, you don’t necessarily need to pair an ear climber with another ear climber. Ear climbers can also be worn with ear cuffs, which give the illusion that you have multiple piercings. To wear ear cuffs, simply fit them around the curve of your ear.

We at Bonito Jewelry already offer a great set option: the Morocco Climbers & Cuff Set, where you can choose either one pair of Morocco Ear Climbers Gold and one unit of Moonstone Ear Cuff Gold or one pair of Morocco Ear Climbers Silver and one unit of Moonstone Ear Cuff Silver.

Another favorite of ours is the Jane Climbers Ear Cuff Set, - here you get one unit of Moonstone Ear Cuff and one pair of Jane Ear Climbers Moonstone.

One of the many reasons why we love ear climbers is that they easily make a statement even with just one piece. Just remember that the key to making ear climbers look great is by making sure they maintain the illusion of climbing up your ears.

Bedazzle your look and create your own style, check out our ear climbers and other pieces here!

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