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How to Layer Necklaces: 8 Ways to Master the Layered Necklace Style

Loving the style of the layered necklaces, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Maybe you just need a little bit of inspiration. Necklaces are...

Loving the style of the layered necklaces, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Maybe you just need a little bit of inspiration. Necklaces are a must-have accessory for anyone. Layering them is a must-try to those who want to upgrade their outfit to a new level, but still make it seem effortless. 

The designs, colors, length and textures ... the list goes on! There are many options on how to combine your layering necklaces, but the important thing is to get a final result that looks like it took you seconds to put it together.

Styling your necklaces like a skilled fashion guru is not that easy, but don’t worry because we have tips to help you get started and upgrade your stacking game!

  • Simplicity is Beauty

  • Good news! You can never wear too much minimalist jewelry. This chic minimalist look consists of very simple and delicate designs that are combined together to give you a sleek and easy to love overall look.

    What’s in the look?

    Atacama Necklace & Stockholm Necklace

    This duo is made of a minimalist chain and a unique feminine pendant. Match it with a basic white tee or add a delicate touch of style to your favorite dress. 


  • Make a Statement - Be bold!

    Wear a heavy chain with a coin necklace for an on-trend look while showing off your neck with an off the shoulder shirt. Don’t ignore your options for choosing chains with different weights and textures: bead, cable, rope, snake, silver, etc. Quick tip: this isn't just smart for your style, it also helps reduce tangling. 

    What’s in the look?

    Essential Layering Set - Da Vinci Gold Chain & Tulum Emerald Necklace


    This gorgeous combination will give you the perfect layering look: a minimalist touch with Tulum Necklace with Emerald Stone, and a statement addition with our best-seller Da Vinci Chain. 

    Da Vinci Gold Chain & Artemis Necklace

    The perfect layering style that will display femininity and strength in one look. Have a little fun by piling up different length and size pieces to add personality and uniqueness to your style. Choosing necklaces of different lengths will allow for each piece to stand out on its own.

  • V-Neck Style - The Perfect Piece to Show off your Stacking Skills

    Think of the cut of your top as a frame for your necklaces. The neckline of your shirt and your style of jewelry should be in harmony, and not compete for attention.

    V-neck tops are easy to style and very trendy right now, so it's definitely a piece you want to have to show off your new stacking skills! On top of that, choosing a dark monotone color will make the gold or silver standout even more. 

    What’s in the look?

    Feminine Trio Layering Set - Stockholm Necklace, Atacama Necklace & Budapest Necklace

    This trio is made of minimalist chains and feminine pendants. Dress up your basic white tee or your favorite low-neck cut blouse and add a delicate touch of style to your favorite dress. 

  • Personalize your Layered Necklaces for a Unique You

    Don’t be afraid to stack up your dainty necklaces with chunkier chained necklaces for a statement look that will definitely be noticed. Whether you are in the mood for simple chic or bold and stylish, do not hesitate to get playful with texture and volume. This layering trend gives you amazing flexibility. Feeling playful? Mix and match and be creative!

    What’s in the look?

    The Elegant Layered Necklaces Set - Coco Pearl Necklace & Snake Chain

    Bring out the extraordinary you with this layering duo. The pearl necklace will make your look timeless and elegant.


  • Be Cool and Casual with an Effortless Style

    If you want to make your standard and casual outfit stand out, make sure to add a layered necklace to your collection. Add a leather or denim jacket to the mix and you are ready to go for a Spring night out!

    What’s in the look?

    The Complete Layered Necklaces Set - Solstice Chain, Snake Chain & Celestial Star Necklace


    Unique, feminine, empowered, delicate, and with an edge of cool - this is how we describe the Complete Layered Necklaces Set. Upgrade your look with this set and you’ll be head turner in no time.

  • Staying Comfortable while Showing Your Creativity
  • What is a better way to make your outfits more interesting and fashionable during this change of season than a nice stack of layered necklaces? Try to combine a warm and relaxed knitted sweater or cardigan with different in length delicate pendant necklaces. It looks comfy and stylish... Goals!

    Rock Berlin Chain Necklace in any of your looks! Be it a cocktail party or a slumber soiree, this choker is the perfect balance of classic and timeless to add a little something extra to give it the modern look.


  • Picking a Centerpiece

    Have a favorite necklace you want to show off? Make it the centerpiece of your look and work around it! Your most prized piece will become a lot more interesting to look at when surrounded by pieces that complement its beauty.


    Our new layering set would be perfect for this look! The center of attention, The Celestial Star Necklace, emits a feminine yet strong vibe. This style can match any outfit in your wardrobe! You can choose three different stones, EmeraldAmethyst, or Blue Topaz.

  • Combine Different Chain Styles

    This is when your inner stylist shines! Combine thinner chain necklaces with thicker chain necklaces. Adding contrasting textures & styles will make your stack more interesting, and as a plus, it’ll also tangle less! You can also throw in a coin necklace into the mix.

    One of the many reasons we love layering necklaces is the opportunity for personal expression. Plus, wearing multiple pieces in a large mix of combinations lets you enjoy more of the pieces in your jewelry collection, reuse old ones and even add vintage discoveries to the party!

    Got a look you love? Share your favorite look with us!

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