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How to Create the Perfect Layering Style Your Bracelet and Bangles

Layering bracelets is not just an ordinary fashion trend. It is truly an art, requiring a bit of trial and error before you achieve the perfect...

Layering bracelets is not just an ordinary fashion trend. It is truly an art, requiring a bit of trial and error before you achieve the perfect mix of colors, sizes, and metal finishes. We love this eclectic way of styling jewelry and are constantly inspired by the fantastic combinations we see on the internet.

However, choosing the right arrangement of bracelets can be tricky. Here are some tips to avoid a bracelet layering failure.

Pick a theme

Throwing in different styles, textures, and sizes can be stylish but most often than not, this can just be too noisy to look at and could be a fashion disaster. So instead of doing this, try picking a theme. There must be a consistent element across each piece to complete the look, whether it’s the color scheme, metal finish, material or an underlying theme, like rock glam or tribal. Also, matching your theme according to your clothes and vibe could be a perfect way of showing balance.

Choose a focal point

Choose a statement bracelet to be the main bangle in your stack. While all bracelets can be equally flashy, having one bracelet as the standout piece creates a focal point and allows the others to take a back seat while balancing and accenting the whole ensemble. To do this, pick your favorite bracelet, a bangle that’s overly colorful or one that’s a different material or color than the others in your stack. Alternatively, you can have fun and add your watch. It can be the center point and your bracelets can flank either side.

Choose your materials, textures, and colors

Pick your colors, textures, and materials. This is where you can really make your bracelet stack your own. Start with mixing and matching your materials and colors. If you want to go for a coordinated look, choose bracelets that are made from the same material, like gold or silver. Once you have a couple of gold bangles, choose a  gold bracelet that has additional accents, like studded gemstones or choose one that’s in a different shape than the other bracelets, like a  chain.

Alternatively, choose a chain that’s supersized and surround it with plain thin bangles to make the bracelet shape and metal the star of the show.

Start smaller

If you’re unsure where to start, then start small. You can start with one or two pieces until you get the hang of it eventually. It doesn’t have to be stacking right away. You can also play around with a chain necklace. If it’s long enough, you can create a layering look by using just one necklace.


What do you think of the layered bracelet trend? Incredibly chic or just plain cluttered?

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