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Have you ever wondered how your favorite pieces were made? This week, we are taking you on the journey of jewelry making! Learn more on how...

STEP 1 : Cutting and Hammering

  • Cut and hammer the silver wire to give it its signature texture

STEP 2 : Shaping and measuring the face of the piece

  • Give the metal a soft curve for it to follow the natural ear shape

STEP 3 : Assembling the parts

  • Weld the front to the back of the earring

STEP 4 : Shaping the back of the earring

  • Create a shape that will secure the ear climber on the ear

 STEP 5 : Brushing and Cleaning

  • Give the earring its first clean - we give it a proper hygienic clean before shipping to you!

STEP 6 : Drying and Polishing

  • Dry and polish for shiny pieces of jewelry

And this is how we make the silver Morocco Ear Climbers! But what about the gold plated Morocco Ear Climbers?

Gold plated jewelry pieces are made with a layer of gold on the surface over 925 sterling silver. The cleaning process in steps 5 and 6 will improve adherence, making sure dust and dirt don’t interfere with the gold sticks to the jewelry piece.

Morocco ear climbers gold

STEP 7 : Gold Plating

With time, temperature and voltage carefully controlled, the piece is submerged into the plating solution to attract ions of gold on the 925 sterling silver base. The plating thickness can be controlled by adjusting the immersion time in the plating tank. All of our jewelry is gold plated in 18ct Gold, with at least 2 microns.

Our rings are gold plated with 3 micron, making all of them Gold Vermeil--a thicker layer of gold to make it last longer! There is also a layer of ceramic coating to help protect your jewelry.

STEP 8: Rinsing and Drying

Rinsing off the pieces with water and then hanging them to dry preferably not touching each other for optimal results.


The Morocco Ear Climbers from Bonito Jewelry are handmade by talented local artisans in Bali, Indonesia, supporting full time jobs and the continuation of this artistic tradition. 

Do you have Bonito ear climbers in your collection? Minimalistic and classy - you can wear them in any occasion while adding some unique style to your look. Click HERE to shop yours ! 

Morocco ear climbers silver






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