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Here’s What You Need to Know about Gifting Jewelry

Jewelry has been one of the most special gifting options since the beginning of time. Gifting jewelry allows people to express their timeless love for someone....

Jewelry has been one of the most special gifting options since the beginning of time. Gifting jewelry allows people to express their timeless love for someone. The fact that people don’t buy jewelry always makes it an exclusive and special gift that holds more sentimental value than any other gift. 

When gifting jewelry to a special someone, you would want the best of it all. However, finding a timeless trinket to express your feelings towards a relationship can be a challenging task. Since there are many options out there, some can be too ordinary. When you’re facing a wall in looking for options, you can try the trend these days, layering sets & bundles.

Whether you are looking to gift jewelry to your significant other, a family member, or a friend, the information shared here will steer you in the proper route, allowing you to express how much you value that other person in your life.

  1. Know Who You Can Gift Jewelry To

Most of the time, people use occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day to gift priceless pieces of jewels. However, several other occasions call for special gifts like jewelry.

Then again, gifting embellishments can convey intense emotions like love and commitment, so you would want to invest in one only if you are sure that the receiver will understand and accept your feelings. You don’t want to risk an awkward reaction from the one who receives the precious jewelry. 

  1. Research the Wearer’s Style before Investing

Don’t ever go to a jewelry shop unprepared. Make sure you know your loved one’s preferences of the jewelry color, metal, and gemstones and shop online from a trusted jewelry store for a variety of designs that suit your pocket. 

If you are gifting jewelry to a lady, it is worth studying her current fashion choices closely. Does she like layering herself with charming pieces of jewelry or is she a minimalist who prefers wearing unique jewelry such as simple earrings and a small pendant necklace?

Every person has a wish list for his/her fashion wardrobe. Pay attention to subtle hints like her interest level or desire for a particular style of jewelry. These cues will prove useful when investing in a piece of jewelry that matches the wearer’s style and makes her feel special and loved to receive a thoughtfully chosen present.

If she’s into necklace combinations, layering sets, and different classic jewelry styles you can try simple yet eye-catching pieces such as these.


Essential Layering Set

This gorgeous combination will give you the perfect layering look: a minimalist touch with Tulum Necklace with Emerald Stone, and a statement addition with our best-seller Da Vinci Chain.

Da Vinci Chain and Artemis Necklace Layering Set

This gorgeous combination will give the wearer the perfect layering look. 

Juliet Ring


Simple yet elegant, this ring is perfect for any outfit.

Summing It Up 

Jewelry is the perfect gift for almost all special occasions. However, choosing the right piece of embellishment for your near and dear ones can be a huge decision to make. Check out Bonito Jewelry’s collection and layering sets. It will be easier to choose with Bonito!

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