Bonito Jewelry: A Guide to Elegant, Everyday Jewelry

Bonito Jewelry: A Guide to Elegant, Everyday Jewelry

July 29, 2022

Bonito Jewelry: A Guide to Elegant, Everyday Jewelry


Every wardrobe should have a collection of simple, daily jewelry. It can take some time to find the perfect items that seem personal, and quality metals are available at a wide range of prices. A minimalist necklace, pair of earrings, ring, or bracelet frequently has the potential to last a lifetime, and their wearability is worth their price. But these pieces of jewelry don't have to be simple.As seen in Vogue, these selections of minimalist jewelry pieces are examples of the subtle, standalone statements without becoming monotonous.

Contemporary Classics

With these earrings, the simple hoop is given a creative makeover. Huggies that are thin are given a heavier silhouette, while the larger, everyday pair is given a stylish, modern makeover.

Discover Bonito Jewelry Contemporary Classics

Link Up

The best minimalist jewelry can be created with just one chain or by layering several chains together. Your necklace game will seem custom-made thanks to the range of lengths and links available; some even come in sets that take care of the layering for you.

Here, our sophisticated Da Vinci Chain Necklace was featured! 

The Da Vinci Chain Necklace is water-resistant because of its stainless steel base, and it can also be worn as a bracelet! Simply wrap it around your wrist 3 or 4 times (depending on the size of your wrist): you'll get a necklace and a bracelet with just one purchase!

Brace Yourself

Feel free to wear an ID bracelet or a delicate, barely visible chain for several days at a time, or add more for additional impact.

Discover Bonito Jewelry Bracelet Collection

Ring In

With these sculptural yet elegant metal bands, level up your ring game. Try wearing one on one hand, a few on various fingers. These rings, which range from signets to stackers in a dome form, are considered everyday favorites.

Discover Bonito Jewelry Ring Collection

Iris Ring

Romeo Ring       Juliet Ring       Forest Ring

Let Bonito Jewelry’s wearable art up your jewelry game. Learn more about our collection and update your elegant jewelry collection now!

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