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4 trends everyone is wearing on IG

4 trends that have taken over our Instagram feed - and how to complete each look with Bonito jewelry. Chunky chains, layered necklaces, personalized earrings, gemstone pieces,...

4 Trends Everyone is Wearing on IG

We've recently noticed these four trends that have taken over our Instagram feed. It seems like all the it-girls of fashion are finding their unique ways to play with these trends.
Now it's your turn to find your personalized way to express these trends! .

1. ANIMAL PRINTS (who said they were ever out of style) 📸  @mfass - Vogue Editor

Animal prints are forever chic and instant style-makers. They've truly never gone out of style. Pair prints with bold jewelry and pearls for more texture (stay tuned, Bonito pearls are coming soon)! 

Madeline Fass, Vogue Editor, wears Bonito's Da Vinci Chain.

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2. SCARFS AS TOPS 📸  @marianame

Take an old (or new) printed, square scarf, and wrap it around you. A beautiful and easy-to-wear summer look. Complete this feminine style with carefully balanced layers: a minimalist pendant on a delicate chain paired with a statement necklace.

Mariana wears Bonito's Da Vinci Chain.

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Pull your hair back and take your ear stack to the next level by adding a personalized touch to your daily look. Emily wears her letter E initial huggies in her second ear piercing.

Mix and match your way, choose from a range of hoops and earrings that you can wear all day, every day.




.4. CHUNKY CHAINS 📸  @marianame

Chunky necklaces are a simple way to bring so much life to an outfit. It can transform a simple look into a more funky and fun one! 

Mariana wears Bonito's Berlin Chain.

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