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4 Easy Ways to Layer Your Necklaces

3 Easy Ways to Layering Your Necklaces Ramping up your layering necklaces style is easy as it can be. On the days that you feel bored...

3 Easy Ways to Layering Your Necklaces

Ramping up your layering necklaces style is easy as it can be. On the days that you feel bored with your usual look, spicing up your accessory styling can make a difference. So why wear one necklace when you can combine three or five at the same time? It’s the perfect way to lift your outfit to the next level, and add personality to your basics. 

You have to remember that there are no rules in layering. All you have to do is to mix and match and have fun! Play with lengths, textures, and colors to make an effortless accessory statement. 

Minimalist Style

Opting for a minimalist layering style? Keep it classy and simple in an all-silver or all-gold duo of a minimalist Stockholm Silver Chain necklace and the Atacama Moon pendant piece. Handmade in 925 Sterling Silver and 18k Gold Vermeil, our Atacama Moon Necklace will be the central piece of your layering look.

Choose necklaces in different lengths (short, medium, long) to place your layering necklaces comfortably around your neck. 

At Bonito, we strive to offer you a variety of necklaces and chain lengths. All of Bonito Jewelry’s  chains come with a 5cm (2 inch) extension, allowing you to mix and match your necklaces with more freedom! 

The choker - This piece that fits closely around your neck: 35cm+5cm extension (13.78 inches+1.97 inches) | 

The mid-size necklace - The classic middle of the chest necklace: 45cm+5cm extension (17.71 inches+1.97 inches)| 

The long piece - Ideal if you want to go for a third layer: 55cm+5cm extension (21.65 inches+1.97 inches)|


Golden Chains

Bring on the bling and wear—not one—but two gold chains together. This combination is very popular because it goes well with pretty much any outfit you have on, which means you can keep them on for days and always look stylish! 

This style are also sold separately.

Add Charms, Pendants & Gemstones

Charms are the perfect way to express yourself and tend to hold a lot of personal significance. You can tell your own story based on the symbols, gemstones, initials, and personalization you choose for each piece.

Add a touch of color to your layering style with Bonito’s natural gemstone necklaces. This design features a combination of charms and gemstones. Add this delicate touch to your summer look or your layering necklace style to make you stand out.


Complementary Shapes and Sizes

You can also play with the textures and shapes of necklaces to create a statement layering look. 

This gorgeous combination will give you the perfect layering look: a vintage Da Vinci chain combined with our bestselling duo: the Oprah Pearls Choker with the Diana Heart Necklace with natural Agate Stone. 

Minimalist & Statement Layering Necklaces Set

In layering, there’s no right or wrong combination. Wear them as it feels comfortable to who you are and what your style represents! 


Shop for more  layering necklace styles here at  Bonito Jewelry and look good while doing good! Your purchase helps support local artisans in Jaipur, India, and Bali, Indonesia, who crafted your Bonito Jewelry. Happy shopping!

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