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Gemstone jewelry is having a major comeback

Gemstone Jewelry is having a major comeback. Learn about how these gemstones can add style to your outfits. 

Gemstone Jewelry is Having a Major Comeback

Learn about how these gemstones can add style to your outfits.



Amazonite is best known as a soothing stone.

Its beautiful natural blue/green colors will add a vivid touch to your basics, especially if you are wearing monotone outfits.

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Labradorite is a multi-colored stone, but that you can mostly tell under direct sunlight. In shade, it's a beautiful gray and blue-ish stone. They will look (extra) amazing when you wear a white outfit. 

Wear these bestselling ear climbers on all special occasions, from a very-much-needed catch up with your friends or a date night. Compliments guaranteed. 

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3. Black Onyx

This jet-black stone with a pear-shape cut is complemented with a brushed-gold bend. This ring adds a unique touch to your style. 

For a complete look, we recommend adding thin stacking rings to the same hand on which you're wearing the Dali Ring.

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