Styling Tips: Necklace Layering

September 22, 2020

Layering Your Necklaces 


How to turn a basic outfit into a cool one? Layering necklaces! Different lengths, colors, and texture are the basics for mastering this style.



Kick things off with an essential you'll love to wear non-stop. The Da Vinci Chain is the perfect centrepiece to have in your necklace collection. It has texture, volume and length: an absolute classic.


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The necklace layering method loved by many is simply about having two necklaces: one noticeably shorter than the other - to wear with every outfit.





3 layers: choker, mid-chest and long length!
This is a great trio when you wear a v-neck top. Invest in the different lengths for the necklaces but keep it minimal for the earrings.





Decision hack: have your styling sorted with our layering sets!
We love to make it easy for you to choose: we've put together some popular layering sets that you can get for less.
Wear these together or separate them as out outfit calls.



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