Glossary: Gold Vermeil - Bonito Jewelry

Glossary: Gold Vermeil

June 27, 2022

Glossary: Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil - what is it?

Being the jewelry lover that you are, you've probably seen jewelry labeled gold vermeil, vermeil, or 18-carat vermeil. But what does it mean?

Morocco Ear Climbers, hand-crafted in Bali using recycled 18-carat gold over 925 sterling silver

High-quality and wallet-friendly

Pronounced vehr-may, this type of technique offers durability at an affordable price. To create gold vermeil, the item is first crafted in 925 sterling silver creating a solid and high-end piece.

Layers on layers for durability

The silver base is then covered using a thick 2.5 microns of real gold using the process known as electrolysis - the passing of a direct electric current through melted gold which binds the two components together.

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