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A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Jewelry Gift for Her

Choosing jewelry as a gift for a loved one can be difficult and stressful. After all, you want to convey your love and commitment to the...

Choosing jewelry as a gift for a loved one can be difficult and stressful. After all, you want to convey your love and commitment to the other with something special since it serves as a reminder of those feelings. If you’re gifting a friend, you want to let her feel special with or without an occasion. You might not know where to start because there are so many possibilities available. But out of the many gift options out there, jewelry is always appreciated and considered personal.

Giving a piece of everyday fine jewelry is a thoughtful gift that you can give to the significant ladies in your life, such as your mother, grandmother, sister, or closest friend. There are many factors to take into account when buying a piece of jewelry for someone special, but there's no need to feel overwhelmed because we've created this guide to help you out!

  • Consider her type of element

  • When choosing a gift you must consider what she likes to wear: is it gold? Perhaps silver? Gemstones, necklaces, rings? Does she have any allergies to metals? These questions must come to mind when choosing the perfect gift for her.

    If it’s for a special occasion, a gold ring is always a winner and a timeless choice. If she’s a fan of gemstones, you can have this elegant Iris Ring from Bonito Jewelry. 

    Matted and bright, this gold and purple beauty brings style and calming energy to anyone who wears it.


    Our Iris ring features a rectangle natural Amethyst stone. Add a pop of color to your everyday look or catch everyone's eye with this glistening beauty!

    If she doesn’t dig a ring, then opt for an enchanting necklace instead. Check this beauty - Ripples Chain Necklace (You can choose whether it’s Silver or Gold). This can be your new favorite statement necklace chain. 

    This chain link necklace contains oval-shaped links with a unique matte finish and a T-bar clasp. Wear it alone as your statement piece or add it to your layering necklace look!

    Sometimes it’s good to keep it simple.

  • Check her personal style

  • It’s always safe to ask this question before you begin choosing your gift. What are some of her favorite pieces of jewelry she already has?

    You should seek out items that go well with her sense of style. Start by considering the items she currently wears on a daily basis. Is she spirited and eccentric? Does she prefer sophistication? Does she prefer flashy and flamboyant or plain and elegant?

    If she prefers flashy and flamboyant, you can choose Bonito Jewelry’s Poppy Chain and Bracelet Set

    Featuring a double-sided chain - one side with "poppy" metal and the other side a vintage watch band. You can wear it on either side, you choose!

    Each side of the chain has a different texture and feel to provide some much-needed variation around your neck and wrist. 

    If she prefers a plain and elegant style, you could go for this beautiful piece, Janis Onyx Necklace.

    A tribute to Janis Joplin, a rock star of her era, Janis Onyx Necklace promotes a radiant black onyx stone that promotes elegance to the wearer everywhere she goes.

    Elegance is not just always about necklaces. You can also choose a pure and simple ear climber. Take the Sahara Moon Climbers.


    Inspired by the Sahara desert, a prime stargazing location to watch the moon and stars!

  • Consider a symbolic present

  • Choose your gift with a symbolic meaning to make a bigger impact. The first on the list would be our Birthstone Necklace.

    Featuring a delicate square pendant with your birthstone set inside a hand-carved star, embellishing your sign's star constellation and powerful meanings. The perfect personalized gift!

    Another on the list is Artemis Necklace.

    Inspired by Artemis, known as the goddess of the wilderness, the moon, and chastity. She was also the goddess and protector of children.

    Our Artemis necklace is a gold chain type with a minimalist round pendant illustrating the Greek Goddess Artemis with her bow and arrow that symbolizes strength and protection. 

    Women love to wear personalized jewelry. That’s why our Initial Letter Hoops would be a great addition to her jewelry stash! All the letters of the alphabet are available as a single purchase or as a pair. We’re sure that your girl will surely love this!

  • Choose a present that can be returned

  • We recommend choosing a product that she can return: usually earrings are not returnable and rings can have different sizes depending on the company. So it’s safer to choose a necklace, a bracelet, or an anklet. For this, we recommend choosing sets!

    Introducing our Diamond Layer Set.


    Save up to 15% when you get them together instead of individually. 

    Your go-to chain necklace style, Snake Chain Necklace, and one of our favorites, The Yin Yang Necklace featuring Diamond & Onyx stones, is now available as a bundle! Look good anywhere, anytime with this duo!

    If your girl is a fan of layering, then you can give her this Feminine Trio Layering Set.


    A trio made of minimalist chains and feminine pendants. Dress up your basic white tee or add a delicate touch of style to your favorite dress. Wear them together or separately, mix and match them your way. 

  • When in doubt, choose a bestseller item or a gift card

  • You can choose from our bestsellers here at Bonito Jewelry! Among from this collection is our Namib Moon Climbers


    Bonito’s signature hammered detail adds a unique depth and texture to each little moon phase. Inspired by the clear night skies of the Namib desert, which is one of the oldest coastal deserts in southern Africa and one of the best places in the world to watch the night sky.

    Designed in Sydney and handcrafted in Bali, they are the perfect ear climbers for your everyday wear. Available in gold, rose gold, and silver.

    The best option if you don’t know what to choose is the Gift Card, so she can choose it for herself. 

    Have you got other ideas in mind? Let us know! Go to the Bonito Jewelry website and message us!

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