May 28, 2019

Sterling silver is used in many types of jewelry to create looks that can be timeless, trendy and affordable. Our founder and designer absolutely adores this metal because of it's perfect balance of malleability, beauty, and durability. 

Interested in learning more or growing your own sterling silver collection? Keep reading for 6 REASONS you should add sterling silver to your jewelry box and ideas for affordable and on-trend looks!


When taken care of correctly, sterling silver jewelry can last you a lifetime. The BEST of all is that you can: sleep, swim and sweat with it! Talk about the perfect piece of jewelry to have in your collection! 

Hammered Moon Phases Ear Climbers Silver

Featured item: Namib - Hammered Moon Phases Ear Climbers 


Do you like to keep up with the latest news in fashion and jewelry? We sure do. However, keeping up with the pace of fast-fashion jewelry trends can be overwhelming - and this is where silver becomes your savior. Sterling silver has been popular since the medieval times and it's guaranteed to always be in. 

Conclusion: keeping a pair of small hoops or a statement ring in your jewelry rotation is a sure way to make sure you always look on-trend for many years to come.

Silver Ring and Silver Hoops

Featured items: Gaia Ring, Jupiter Hoops


Sterling silver jewelry is appropriate no matter what the occasion may be. Spicing up an outfit for your work Gala? Silver. Dressing up a casual dinner with the ladies? Silver. Casual Sunday in the hammock? Silver.

Get it? You might even be able to wear the same pieces for multiple occasions! GOAL! Silver adds a classy touch to any look wherever whenever.

Silver Earrings and Silver Rings

Featured items: New York EarringsStockholm NecklaceIstanbul Stacking Ring, Sicily Ring


Maybe you want to add sterling silver to a jewelry collection that already has a lot of gold, stones or other materials. Your silver jewelry is like your pair of black shoes - it goes with everything! Dare to mix it up and create a new image that is uniquely you. 

Rhea Cuff Silver Bracelet

Featured items: Rhea Cuff Bracelet - silver, Rhea Cuff Bracelet - goldNew York Earrings


Unlike pieces that are made of nickel, brass or other base metals, which can potentially irritate your skin, sterling silver jewelry doesn't contain metal extras that could cause an allergic reaction. This is especially important for accessories like earrings as you can wear them without the fear that a piercing get's infected.

Silver Earrings and Silver Rings

Featured items: Rhea Cuff Bracelet, Athens Ring, Apollo Statement Earrings


If your silver jewelry starts to look a little bit dull, there are easy ways to restore the shine on the piece. After every use, we recommend you to clean your jewelry with a cotton ball or a very soft cloth to remove any dust and dirt that may have landed on the item. Also, gently rubbing the surface of your jewelry with a soft cloth also helps restore shine.

Click hereto read the full Bonito Notebook publication on how to clean your jewelry.

How to clean your jewelry

Featured product: Zeus Ring


Believe we love it so much we want to help you start or grow your silver jewelry collection, here is a special offer 🙌!

Silver Jewelry Sale

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