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5 pieces that make my t-shirt look fancy

September 01, 2020

Luxury Styling 

Without Breaking the Bank


There's no need to compromise your personal style to save your wallet. Affordable jewelry can truly elevate an outfit and we are here to show you how!


1. The Da Vinci Chain - @marianame & @karinaannehunt

Chunky chains can instantly take your casual jeans-and-tee to the next level! Absolutely timeless, this piece will add style to your daily outfits.

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2. The Tokyo Earrings

It isn't a full jewelry collection without a pair of statement earrings. These are perfect pieces to add a sophisticated and creative touch to your favorite look.

Shop Tokyo Statement Earrings - Gold >
Shop Tokyo Statement Earrings - Silver >


3. The Snake Chain - @dawn.tan

Amp up your dark slip top, and make heads turn with a minimalist layering combo. Extremely versatile, mix this piece with any necklace you have at home. It goes with everything!

Shop Snake Chain >



4. The Artemis Necklace

Prioritizing safety without compromising style! @sontanstyling shows us how she styles her colorful laid-back and oversized shirt by using layers of minimalist necklaces - the perfect balance.

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5. The Berlin Necklace (and a little extra, the Berlin Bracelet!)

So chic. Dress up any outfit with these chainlink designs. @cryskay completed her look by adding a spark to her basic neutral top and go-to jeans with this bestseller!

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