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4 Ways to Master the Art of Layering Necklaces

July 20, 2020

4 Ways to Master the Art of Layering Necklaces 

The idea of layering all your favorite necklaces is a good one until you have to quickly select them before you go out to start your day. Wouldn’t it be nice for your necklaces to come together in perfect harmony?

If you answered yes to that question, we think so too. That’s why we’re sharing with you 4 tips that will allow you to master the art of layering necklaces with ease and style.

From making sure your collection is truly complete and it varies when it comes to lengths, shapes, and colors to one lazy hack that is simply too good to pass, the tips below will make your mornings easier. That being said and without further ado, here are our four best tips.

1. Play with lengths 

Choose necklaces in different length varieties (short, medium, long) to get the most out of this look. 

At Bonito, we strive to offer you a variety and different necklace or chain lengths. 

  • The choker - This piece that fits closely around your neck (30-40)
  • The mid-size necklace - The classic middle of the chest necklace (40-50 cm)
  • The long piece - Ideal if you want to go for a third layer (50-60 cm. 

For you to easily play with lengths, we add a 5 cm extension to each chain. Think same chain, different lengths … get more for less!

Shop Double Stockholm Chains Layering - Gold Vermeil >


2. Play with colors

Bring spark into your outfit with a necklace showcasing a colorful stone. 

Extra tip: these pieces look beautiful with a white t-shirt and everyday jeans.


From top to bottom

Shop Cyprus Chain >

Shop Da Vinci Chain - Gold Vermeil >

Shop Glacier Necklace >


3. Add a bold piece

The trend of 2020 is definitely bold chains! Adding a necklace that is a little bit thicker will add volume and an extra touch of style to your basics.

Explore our comfortable and timeless Bonito Jewelry centerpieces. 

Berlin Chain - Silver >


4. Mix different metals and textures

Dare to mix it up and create a new image that is uniquely you. 

From top to bottom:

Shop Stockholm Necklace - Gold Vermeil >

Shop Da Vinci Chain - Gold Vermeil >

Shop Artemis Coin Necklace - Silver >

5. Extra tip: Get them as sets

Get more for less (yes, please!), and be confident the pieces you are wearing go together perfectly. 

Shop Essential Layering Set - Gold Vermeil >

Shop Essential Layering Set - Silver >


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