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How about feeling good about spoiling you for mama this Mother's Day! By getting a gift from this list not only are you making your mom smile,...

How about feeling good about spoiling you for mama this Mother's Day! By getting a gift from this list not only are you making your mom smile, but you are helping someone in need. Here are some ideas:

1. Is your mom is a fashionista? Give her Bonito Jewelry

Why not look good while going good? Every month we partner with a different non-profit and project around the world to maximize our impact donating 5% of our net profit to their cause. This Mother’s Day we are partnering with Global Charities to make motherhood safe for Tanzanian women.

BONUS - We are offering you 20% OFF EVERYTHING to shop for this special occasion on May 1st! Here are some golden ideas:

Morocco Ear Climber - Gold 


Thalia Medium Size Hoops - Gold 


Athena Star Bracelet -- Moonstone and Labradorite 

Zeus Star Ring - Gold



You don't know what to pick? We got you! 20% OFF also applies on GIFT CARDS.

Do you need more ideas? Here is a list of gifts that give back:

2. Is your mom an ocean child? Gift her Final Straw

Plastic straws - that’s a big no no for your mama? This company is on a mission to create less waste in the world with a straw that will last a lifetime. The compact, collapsible stainless-steel straw comes with a carrying case your mom can clip right onto her key chain or slip in her handbag.

Final Straw

3. Is your mom a kids lover? Gift her JOGGO Bags

This company is on mission to help educate refugee children around the world, and works toward that goal by donating 10% of its proceeds to education initiatives. The brand also uses sustainable materials, which are made by female entrepreneurs in a Nepalese co-op. 

JOGGO bags

4. Is your mom a sucker for puppies? Gift her Grounds and Hounds Coffee

    Your mom’s morning coffee is about to become something deliciously special. Ground & Hounds Coffee Co. makes and sells quality fair trade and organic, specialty coffees. They give 20% of the company's sales to help support animal rescue initiatives and organizations that provide a second chance for dogs in need.

    Grounds and Hounds Coffee

    5. Is your mom a beauty products collector? Gift her Soap Box Soaps

      For every sale of hand and body soap or haircare products from Soap Box Soaps, a bar of soap is donated to a person in need. Each product has a special Hope Code, which allows you to see exactly what project you helped support through your purchase.

      Soap Box

      6. Is your mom an eternal romantic? Gift her Starling Candle 

        Sales of fragrant soy candles generated from The Starling Project help provide solar energy to under-resourced countries across the globe by giving needy communities access to electricity, clean water, safety, health, education, and more.

        Starling Candle 

        7. Is your mom a beach bum? Warby Parker Renee Sunglasses

          Did you know that 2.5 billion people around the world need glasses, but don't have access to them? For every pair purchased, Warby Parker donates a second set to a person that needs it. 

          8. Is your mom a green thumb lady? Gift her MudLOVE Hanging Planter

            Is your mom's home always stocked with at least three living plants? Gift her a handcrafted planter that will brighten up her house or office, and feel good knowing that your purchase provided a week's worth of clean water to a family in the Central African Republic. 

            MudLOVE Hanging Planter

            9. Is your mom the queen of the dance floor? Gift her LSTN The Satellite Speakers

              These speakers are so stylish that your mom might not realize what they are until you start blasting her favorite dancing song. LSTN is partner with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that has helped over 4 000 people in Kenya and Rwanda hear for the first time.

              LSTN The Satellite Speakers


              10. Is your mom's house like a museum? Gift her Asha Handicrafts Coasters 

                Your mom’s table is so nice you are scared to put your glass on it? Global Goods Partners is a nonprofit that empowers female artisans around the world and sells their creations, helping alleviate poverty. These coasters are made in India provide not only craft development training to artisans but also healthcare, tuition support, leadership training, and women’s rights education.


                We hope this list helps you pick a gift that gives back! Don't forget! Bonito Jewelry is offering 20% OFF EVERYTHING to shop for someone dear to you on May 1st.

                Your mom will always think about you when she wears her new piece! Should you get one for yourself at the same time? We think so 😉 Happy shopping! 




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