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01 necklace 04 outfits

August 02, 2020

01 necklace 04 outfits


What are the best occasions to wear the Da Vinci Chain?

Every occasion, as proved by the Bonita Mariana @marianame. Get inspired by our favorite Latina influencer Mariana, styling Bonito's Da Vinci Necklace with 4 different outfits




 A pastel silk button shirt paired with an animal print bag looks stunning with a single statement piece like our Da Vinci Chain.

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Turn your scarf into a shirt, and add a perfectly balanced layered duo to it: a coin pendant necklace paired with our best-selling Da Vinci Chain.


Soak up the sun, and embrace a vintage look with a high-waist bikini and pearl beaded shoulder straps. Add a final touch with our timeless chain and classic earrings.



70s-inspired styles continue to inspire with wide-leg jeans reigning supreme! Lean into the free-spirited decade and pair this outfit with layers of bold chains and a chain-link bracelet.

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