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FAQs - How to wear ear climbers

Ear climbers are a striking piece of jewelry that can compliment any outfit. These are not your typical earrings, climbing up your ears with style and grace. Each ear climber features a sharp silhouette that's sure to make you standout. Choose from a variety of styles to coordinate with other pieces of jewelry or let the ear climber stand on its own.

We've got all the details on ear climbers. Keep reading to learn more about this earring trend, tips for styling them, and some of our favorite styles that you can shop right now.

These ear climbers, also known as crawler earrings, can help you create a look that is layered, yet sleek – without having to actually pierce your ears more than once.

We recommend removing your earrings and all your jewelry before you go to sleep.

You may not think that your pierced ears can give you an infection once they've healed, but frequent friction and unsterile posts can lead to ear trouble. Also, sleeping in your earrings may not jab your skin every time, but chances are you are snagging your sheets every time you sleep with your earrings in.

Step 1. Pick up the ear climber and locate its long, curved post. Place the tip of the post through your piercing and continue threading the post completely through your piercing.

Step 2. Once you thread the ear climber's post all the way through your piercing, flip the ear climber up.. Your earlobe should be gripped between the post and the front of the ear climber.

Step 3. Gently squeeze the base of the ear climber with your forefinger and thumb. The ear climber should feel secure, but it should not be pinching your earlobe.

P.S. Be extra careful around hats and scarves!

Skip the dangly earrings and rock a single, bold climber as your statement piece like our Jane Climbers. A single climber looks best on its own, so keep other flamboyant accessories to a minimum to avoid over-accessorizing.

You can also add a new dimension to any look with a pair of ear climbers. These climbing earrings are available in a variety of shapes and styles, making it easy to find one that best compliments your own look and style.

An ear climber can appear as though you have several separate piercings in the same ear. Our ear climbers are perfect for creating a layered look (with much less pain).

Ear climber earrings are a distinctive alternative to stud earrings. They complement the natural shape of the ear, climbing up the lobe and hugging the ear in a way that other styles cannot. By adopting our guide on how to wear them, you can easily spice up your earring collection and take your style to the next level. Don't forget to show us your earring style @bonito_jewelry.

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